Van Life - Living in a Van

Van-Life - Living in a Van

Location independence & freedom - A Van-Life makes it possible!

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Warum Van - Life? Unsere Beweggründe findet ihr hier

Das typisch europäische Wetter - unbeständig | wechselhaft | launisch

Wie finanziert man das Ganze und was kostet das Van - Life?

Warum Van - Life? Unsere Beweggründe findet ihr hier

Unterwegs mit unserem Hunde - Senioren Mimmo

 Mimmo is no longer the youngest dog at the age of 13. (We hope that he can at least join in the beginning of our van - Life´s) He can only do bicycle tours in a bicycle trailer - and not for a longer period of time. But it is also somehow easy to understand - the bones and muscles start to hurt sometime, the thousand new smells every time you get out of the dog trailer and the constant jerking on the bike are simply no longer portable for a senior citizen like Mimmo. He wants and has a lot of fun - but his body goes on strike after the first few hundred meters. Quite normal - and just as natural. But this realization hits us like a blow - even though we knew the whole time that the good guy just won't get any younger. Out of love and respect for him, we don't want to do these stressful and jerky times to him.


It's quite different from a bicycle trailer in a car. He can sit or lie quietly and softly and his joints and muscles are not shaked through by every stone. After a short but extensive excursion he can throw himself into the car and show us his stinky paw fingers and chill out in a senior way - in a bicycle trailer that wouldn't be possible, because he would have to dedicate himself to the return trip or onward trip and all the sprung and unsprung impacts and can't come to rest under these circumstances.

The typical European weather - unstable | changeable | moody

Thunderstorm, hail. Rain. We're not hot weather lovers. Don't get me wrong - we like thunderstorms, and the rain that comes with them very much, because it frees the air and cleans it and as soon as they are there, the headaches disappear. But to be in the tent with the dogs during thunderstorms and hail? There is something more pleasant - not only for us, but also for the dogs. Thanks to the Faraday cage, which a car offers because of its construction, the necessary security is available.

A free life independent of location

We're not afraid to work. We take it for granted to tackle, even if it is not 9to5 but for example 7to21. But we also like the idea of working from any location and that's what we strive for. We are currently realizing this with a wide variety of projects - a list of these can be found at the bottom of the footer.

Our current situation - Van Life does not go from one day to the next!

Der passende Wagen & selbst ausbauen

It's certain to be a box van. Not, however, what make / size etc. it should have. Sure - we have wishes, but we are guided by what the market then throws away.


The longer we have dealt with box wagons, the more we realize: Ideally, the wagon is the size of a Peugeot Boxer L2H2.


As soon as the car arrives, it is given an all-round pedal-off-inside&exterior equipment after its christening, it is made suitable for motorhomes for registration and is allowed to run its first hours as a van lifter for a few rounds in the immediate vicinity. We will document this in detail and upload a video - you can be part of the process! The necessary information, how everything has to be done, we google ourselves, watch tutorials from other campers and forge according to our own plans. 

How do you finance the whole thing and what does the Van - Life cost?

Why don't we take off with the next best camper?

Quite simple: we lack the necessary money and Van - Life does not cost little! We live directly in Munich and it is difficult and extremely tedious to save money here. Therefore for us now only one comes into question: the structure of an on-line - Businesses, with which we can obtain also localindependently the income, which we need then on the way. 


As far as we can judge, we expect 1.500 €, which should cover the costs for living on tour. How much it will be exactly we can only report when it is ready :) Until then it remains with this number.

Development of an online business

More precisely: Different forms of online - business to generate the necessary additional income. Sounds simple at first sight - it also appears simple at the beginning. But you realize after a while that generating a sustainable income can't just be done in a few days. It is however important für´s Van - Life that regular income can be generated! Our expectations are not high - we don't want to reach 10.000 € per month (which of course would also be nice ;) ... ) It is perfectly sufficient, if our basic supply, the Sprit + some pocket money are covered. What all these possibilities are to earn money on the Internet, I would not like to enumerate here in more detail. There are innumerable web pages, which concern themselves only with this topic. But I would like to introduce you to our projects here :)


Websites - Monetarized & equipped with affiliate links. As soon as someone clicks on the links and decides to buy a product, we get a commission. There are no additional costs for the buyer.

Writing Books - We have several open book projects that will hopefully be realized in the near future.

  • Youtube Videos - So far only one is online. But that will change soon!
  • Consulting & Online Marketing - Constantin is a trained cook - he digitizes his knowledge and helps restaurateurs, in addition to classical consulting activities, to build a really strong online network & pillar. Click here to visit his company.
  • Patreon - Anyone can register here and apply for projects. You can also support projects that you think are great with a monthly amount of money, even if it is only 1$. 
  • And a few more :) 

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