Tour Bikes

Tour Bikes - Our loyal companions

More precisely: 2x Cube Nature per 2016 Crossbike

We both drive the same model - only the colour is different. They have been in our possession since summer 2016. In the beginning we were a bit sceptical if a Crossbike is the right Tour bike for us. But meanwhile we don't want to part with it anymore. Of course the bikes come with us on our Van - Life - Tour!

basic data


Type: Cube Nature Pro 2016

Frame: Aluminium Superlite Trekking Cross Double Butted

Bicycle fork: SR Suntour NEX HLO

Brake system: Shimano BR-M355, hydr. disc brake (160/160)

Weight: 13.65 kg


Positive aspects of our tour bikes

Crossbike - just the right thing for us - white, dark grey so that our bikes have a difference :) We are not extreme bike experts yet. 

  • Regular cleaning with the right oil is done quickly.
  • Almost all luggage racks can be mounted
  • The front pocket from Ortlieb was super easy to mount on the handlebars
  • The handlebar + the saddle + the gears themselves are pleasant

Negative aspects of our tour bikes

  • Sideways up the curb doesn't work. The tyres are too narrow for that - Constantin has already stumbled quite a bit. 
  • Thanks to disc brake no dynamo to load on the way possible

Our useful Tour Bike - Gadgets that we still have at the bikes

Our frame bag

Constantin always has the most necessary things handy in the lower frame pocket. Below it replacement hose, mini tools, garbage bag.


This frame bag is important for us especially for bumpy and stony tours, because we can store the *quick release for our bicycle trailers in here as well ready to hand. The only disadvantage is that no second drinking bottle fits anymore, but an additional drinking bottle has no high priority for us anyway.


Upper frame pocket

In the *upper frame pocket we have the mobile phone inside if it rains once, because it has a mobile phone cover on the top. Sometimes we also store delicious cereal bars in there :)


On the right side we store our own little raincover and on the other side we can put a lot of things in it. At the beginning we thought that this huge part might be in our way, but you don't bump into it or disturb it in any other way.

mobile phone holder

*The mobile phone holder is just with constant use insanely useful.


Especially if we want to drive into the city or follow a certain path. Of course it doesn't work if it's rainy weather, but otherwise the holder is super practical! It also holds the bike tight.

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