The Deisenhofener Forst

Wandern & Outdoor Cooking im Deisenhofener Forst

Wandern durch den dichten Forstwald südlich von München

Here you find:


The Deisenhofen Forest

Here we created our first Outdoor - Cooking Video

The map of the area

A few impressive impressions


The Deisenhofen Forest - A forest full of beautiful places & paths

Raus aus der Stadt und dem Auto - rein zum Wandern in den Wald

  • The distance was not far (about 2km every now and then 2 return)
  • Through a water protection area (with fenced water protection house)
  • There's nothing to hear from the freeway
  • There were few people on the way (but it was also Easter Monday)

In the Deisenhofen Forest we created our first Outdoor - Cooking Video!

Welcome to our first video! Today we cook delicious grated potatoes outside with the wonderful Trangia with: 10 potatoes, 2 tbsp potato starch, 1 onion, 1 garlic, salt, thyme, oil !


Mix and grill with love :) Sometimes this pan sticks. I take some baking paper, so it doesn't do that anymore. 

The map of the Deisenhofen forest area

A few impressions from the Deisenhofen forest

Have you ever been to the Deisenhofen Forest? How did you like it or are you visiting this wonderful place? We are looking forward to your testimonials! :)

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