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Dream paths in Bavaria - the Isar bike path

The section of the Isar cycle path from Mittenwald to Munich

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The course of our bike tour

Our campsites, along the Isar cycle path

Day 1 - Day 3

The route

The course of our bike tour

Day 1 - Mittenwald - Arzbach

Big break: at Sylvenstein

Weather: Sunny


Day 2 - Arzbach - Wolfratshausen

Big break: shortly after Bad Tölz next to the dammed river Isar

Weather: Sunny + later cloudy + rain & thunderstorm at night


Day 3 - Wolfratshausen - München

Big break: near Grünwald

Weather: Cloudy + sometimes slightly rainy + a little dreary

The campsites


Alpencampingplatz Arzbach

Alpenbachstr. 20

83646 Arzbach



Campingplatz Wolfratshausen

Badstr. 2

82515 Wolfratshausen 

Day 1 of the Isar cycle path | Munich - Mittenwald - Arzbach

The first time with dog & bicycle - trailer on the way!

What a feeling! Finally on the Isar cycle path! The first time with dog & trailer on the way!


Finally, after months of waiting and weeks of planning, the time had come - it could start! Start was of course from our home in Munich. First we had to make the way to the main station, as well as the not so easy entrance into the train with the complete equipment + trailer + dog + people. 


After some turbulences we mastered also the entrance according to the circumstances somehow grandiosely. The only thing that didn't work was to hang up the bike, but we soon managed to do that as well. Since it was about half past seven in the morning at the time when we were already sitting in the train, it was already quite bright and the temperatures were pleasantly cool. 

 The train journey from Munich to Mittenwald takes slightly more than 1.5 hours. The time can be spent wonderfully, because there is a lot to see of the landscape and pet Mimmo is a lot of fun on the train! Arrived in Mittenwald there was an icy air wall in the face - that was certainly 20 degrees difference between the inside of the train and the station in the small village!


After we had strengthened ourselves with coffee + tasty rolls + spread, we started our short journey from the station square. It quickly turned out that it was much warmer in the sun. Accordingly, we had to get dressed and undressed more often, but we found the rhythm pretty quickly. 


We quickly noticed how much the weight of the backpacks was on our backs. But it wasn't just the weight that needed getting used to - also the heat that accumulated on the back. Cold wind from the front - heat accumulating on the back! But the view compensated us immensely. 

After we cycle past the Isarkanal in Mittenwald and didn't know whether to turn right or left (it wasn't signposted there), we decided to take the left side (the right one, as it turns out later). The first part of the route leads us to the golf course, comfortably without a strange gradient. Then we go downhill from the toll station after the golf course in Wallgau, as well as another two times rather steeply uphill, until we finally arrive in Fall and thus at the Sylvensteinsee.

 This is a wonderful route that you must have seen as a cyclist, because with the low speed, the details of the landscape come into their own much better than when you rush past at a terrific speed.


After we left our big rest in the direction of Arzbach, we drove pretty fast along the paths in sunshine. Especially I would like to mention the change of the flora in the area between Almbach and Anger. (directly on the opposite side of Wegscheid, i.e. on the other side of the Isar) It looks like a steppe in my opinion - bristly small plants with hard leaves, as well as the colouring goes slightly greyish / silver, as I last saw it on the way to Budapest after the Hungarian border. I simply assume that it is a moor landscape or a swamp area.


Finally: The arrival at the camping site! The reception was warm and we were immediately trusted. ("comes the next day in the morning to pay")


What can be seen on the photo with the tent: The attempt to bring order to the Campercaos. This was the first time that we camped together and also the first time that we used this tent. It was also the first time that we used our little cooker - but the last time that we cooked this awful ready meal! 

Day 2 of the Isar cycle path | Arzbach - Wolfratshausen

The tour continues with the bikes through the most beautiful corners of Bavaria's countryside.

Up and down, along the Isar river, up and down.... Quite hilly between Arzbach and Wolfratshausen! You might not believe it, but the way to Bad Tölz is rather normal. And how should it be different in Bad Tölz? It comes to the crossing without signpost and we have naturally taken the wrong way! A rather bad way as we recognized then. We went over the weir shortly to Bad Tölz - over bars and stairs ( Mimmo thought this was especially great - NOT :D ) But we took the opportunity to take a nice big break and let the cows scare us. 

 Well, after this forced round trip to Bad Tölz we have returned to the normal way. And here we unfortunately went away from the Isar - up on hills, where numerous ups and downs were the order of the day. Wonderful views were the result - unfortunately the batteries of the mobile phones had failed and we were not yet so well equipped that we could charge it on the way. 


Last but not least we arrived in Wolfratshausen completely out of breath and hungry. The young owner was very friendly and sent us to the tent meadow, where we were the only ones this season. The main season for him is the Oktoberfest. At Tengelmann and Denns we stocked up for dinner. You can take a nice walk along the Loisach in the evening hours! Towards night it started to thunderstorms and rain, but the tarpaulin as well as the wheels and trailers withstood it very well. 

Day 3 of the Isar cycle path | Wolfratshausen - München

Final day & last section of our bike tour

But the bad mood was not caused by the weather! But from the knowledge that we will soon be in Munich again and will be pressed back into the forced everyday life... The route starts comparatively easy - for a while along the Isar Canal. But the progress was quite fast!


Before the weir at Strasslach in the Nöhe you should turn sharply right up to stay on the Isar cycle path. The path leads through the forest for a longer time - quite romantic, even if it was rainy and dreary. The road is mainly gravelly, which is the reason why Mimmo mostly just walked with us. Somewhere near Grünwald we came out. Unfortunately the route description of the Isar cycle path in Munich is not so good, so that we drove quite fast with Google - Maps in direction home. 


Back to Munich! We were very sad that we arrived home so quickly. Nevertheless this little trip was a really great experience!

The part - Overview of the course of the Isar cycle path

Have you ever ridden the Isar cycle path yourself? How did it go for you? Or are you planning to do it soon? Do you have any tips & tricks for our readers? We are looking forward to your comments! Your bike tourer Tim & Constantin

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