The Hachinger Bach in Munich

Hike along the Hachinger Bach in Munich

Spring Hike - From Ostpark to Oberhaching

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The hike - course along the Hachinger Bach | Start - Ostpark

Impressions of the tour

The route at a glance

Der Wander - Verlauf entlang des Hachinger Bachs | Start - Ostpark

  • A very comfortable way
  • One can very often walk directly along the Hachinger Bach
  • Since we had the dog wagon for the senior with us, there were some places where we had to make a small detour, as the paths became too narrow for the two-axle vehicle.
  • You can really see that you are leaving the city - it is getting more and more rural.
  • You can also see that you get through the most different corners - Berg am Laim, Perlach, Haching...
  • It sounds like little, but just over 14 km with a dog that you have to push is not to be underestimated.
  • There was a slight ascent, but that is also logical, because we followed the Hachinger Bach in the opposite direction to its current.
  • Shortly before the source we had to break off, because we were probably in an extremely dangerous area for dogs (see explanation at the end of the page)

Impressions of the tour

The route at a glance

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