Tours in Bavaria

Tours in Bavaria · 09 Juli 2018
Better equipped and a little prepared this time! And even found a place to sleep before sunset.

Tours in Bavaria · 21 Mai 2018
But to be honest, it's getting dark so fast... we didn't expect that. Quite irresponsible. luckily our best friend already knew the way and our 3 dogs are great at finding the way. The trip to Kochel by car took about 2 hours

Tours in Bavaria · 07 Mai 2018
Since 1983 there has been a protected area in the municipalities of Lengries | Wallgau | Jachenau | Krün which extends over 19100 hectares. The purpose of this nature reserve is to preserve the biodiversity typical of the Alps.

Tours in Bavaria · 09 April 2018
Finally, after months of waiting and weeks of planning, the time had come - it could start! Start was of course from our home in Munich. First we had to make the way to the main station, as well as the not so easy entrance into the train with the complete equipment + trailer + dog + people. After some turbulences...