12 paws & feet - four buddy´s on Tour in nature

Cycling tours, camping, vanlife, enjoying nature and atmosphere

Am Bodensee-Königssee Radweg in Siegsdorf mit Cube Fahrräder und Duramaxx Anhänger
Pedal off Team Tim & Constantin Bodensee-Königssee Radweg auf Fahrrad
Sylvenstein Isar Radweg am frühen Morgen zum Sonnenaufgang

Outside & Outdoor - Life! Who we are and what moves us

Discovering borders and leaving borders behind


We are two quiet people from Munich who want to go out into the world in search of a decelerating way of life. Together with our faithful dog Mimmo & Cachou we prepare ourselves for this great challenge, whereby a head over heels company á la "We pack what we have and drive off" would be very tempting.


But reason prevails. It's still a long and long way, because there are still several months between now and the start of this new adventure. Since 2016, proud owners of two Cube Natur Pro´s, we have been exploring the surrounding area of Munich and parts of Upper Bavaria together.



Tim, in his mid-thirties, born in the heart of Bavaria, is a trained wholesale and foreign trade merchant, passionate artist and loves nature with all its facets.


"I've always loved nature. During my studies I became more and more aware of what I didn't want. I bow to the pressure to perform and this "full throttle society". I want to fully perceive the world and not pass it by and then later have to say: oh well, you should... or it's too late for that now."

Tim & Mimmo im Königssee am Ende des Bodensee - Königssee Radweg


Constantin, in his early thirties, born in northern Tyrol, is a trained cook and is on fire when it comes to nutrition, preparation and gastronomy.



"For a long time I wanted to break out of society and go my own way. Especially Scandinavia and Norway with its fjords, mountains and the relaxed way of life of the people living there fascinate me. It's never too late to break free and go your own way, you just have to take the first step".

Constantin mit Fahrrad und Anhänger am Marienstein in Berchtesgarden in Bayern am Bodensee - Königssee Radweg


What happens until now on pedal - off:


Fahrradreparatur Fahrradschlauch flicken
  • Bicycle plates: 2
  • Trailer plates: 1
  • Quick release: 1
  • Chain jumped out: 2


Brunnen vom Sylvenstein am Isar Radweg
  • Bicycle: 6
  • On foot: 15
  • Of which water tours: 3

Stand: January 2019


Cube Fahrrad Bodensee-Königssee Radweg Ortlieb Fronttasche Alpen
  • Accidents: 1
  • Days on the road (bike): 19
  • Money spent (Equip): ~ € 5600,-
  • Money spent (on the way): ~ € 910,-