Outdoor Life & soon Van - Life

...and finally into a place independent life!

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"Our current goal is to shape life so that we no longer need a vacation."

Life "driving" - two guy´s on tour with the dogs

What exactly is pedal-off about?

We are two quiet people from Munich, who are looking for a decelerating way of life by bicycle and soon also by panel van to go out into the world. Tours & driving - camping & enjoying - this is our passion! Why do we do what the first step is and what does vacation mean? Find out more here - we will keep you up to date and take you with us on our journey!

How does a location-independent life & new adventure begin?

There are many reasons for a "I need a break".


Be it to escape a traumatic experience, to seek an unknown adventure or simply to enjoy new air and better weather.


On the search for a self and a sense a passing change of scenery seems to be very tempting. Often, however, such a thought fades away immediately, and one devotes oneself to one's usual everyday life again. For us, the question of "Why?" has not been asked for very long - but rather the question "Why not?

Der erste Schritt für ein Leben, wie wir es uns wünschen!

For the necessary first step you either lack the courage or you are so entrenched in social structures that an outbreak that is longer than the usual "I am on holiday for 2 weeks" or deviates from the usual wellness holiday seems almost impossible. Of course it's a huge step, but on closer inspection it's actually not that big anymore.


For the first time we decided for shorter and longer tours by bike. There was a lot that made us do it - among other things the speed. A fast advance is possible, but not essential. You can also enjoy the surroundings in peace and let nature work its magic, descend and climb the next hill or mountain on foot. 

Wo fängt Urlaub an - beim Radfahren oder beim Camping?

A holiday in which you do nothing all the time and just lie on the beach and drink cocktails or party every day is not for us and does not correspond to our ideas of how you can most beautifully let your soul dangle. 


The best thing is a good combination of cycling, camping, running and stagnant water and everything to do with it. Since we are nature-loving, very interested and inquisitive people, it has been unbelievable fun to work our way into the subject "bike tour / outdoor", to read it and to think it through. Now it is finally time to dare something new and start the adventure right!

"When else do you get to be a long time belly with wild strawberries

and to boil a nettle tea over the fire in peace and quiet without the

to have to live up to your usual day-to-day responsibilities?"