The Sylvenstein

The Sylvenstein reservoir | 3 rivers & 1 dam

Small excursion to wonderful sceneries at Sylvenstein

Far and wide nothing but the huge nature reserve

Since 1983 there has been a protected area in the municipalities of Lengries | Wallgau | Jachenau | Krün which extends over 19100 hectares. The purpose of this nature reserve is to preserve the biodiversity typical of the Alps. Wild camping, or even making unauthorized fires, is not possible and should be avoided at all costs. But one can admire and enjoy this grandiose biotope around the year :)


Since the construction of the dam, it has been almost impossible for there to be any destructive flooding within Munich, for example. The flood protection was rather a side effect, but today it is regarded as the main reason for the construction.


Positive side effect: The lake offers protection against flooding! In recent years, the Sylvenstein reservoir has helped us to protect against flooding and proved its worth particularly in 1999 and 2005.

History How did the Sylvenstein Memory come into being?

+++In short: Moving of an entire village & flooding of the valley 1959+++


1924 - Walchensee hydroelectric power station

The hydropower plant at Walchensee (Bavaria) is put into operation.

The result: The water at the upper Isar (also from the Rißbach) is partly transferred into the Walchensee - the Isar loses some of its power.


1927 - Jenbach hydroelectric power station

The hydropower plant in Jenbach (Tyrol) is put into operation. 

As a result, the water from Achensee´s no longer flows into the Isar, but is discharged into the Inn.


 Aftereffects of the water withdrawal

The withdrawal of water will be very noticeable in the coming years. The Isar river is partly becoming a small trickle - the biodiversity is strongly endangered. Bad Tölz was also severely affected by the water shortage. Therefore it was decided to build the dam and to relocate an entire village.


1954 - Start of demolition work by Fall

The fierce protest of the inhabitants helped nothing. It was resettled against the will of the inhabitants.


1959 - Flooding of the valley

and the demolition of the last remaining house. 


Our small statistics

 5x visits without tour

1x Tour Isar Cycle Path

1x Tour Lake Constance - Königssee cycle path

Different seasons: 3x

Camped there: 1x

Sunrises: 2x

Accommodation costs: 4€

The pitch in Fall

Camper site Lenggries - Fall at Sylvensteinspeicher

Dürrachstrasse | Fall

Night parking for all mobile travellers. Payment is made via a parking

meter-like box :)

Our conclusion: It is mega scary.

A few key data

 124 million cubic meters of water

44m high dam

Capacity: 6.4 MW

Length: 7km

Width: 2km

Tributaries - Isar | Dürrach | Walchen

Drains - Isar 

Click here for the webcam at Sylvenstein Dam

What does the environment of Sylvensteinsee´s look like?

 Have you ever been to Sylvenstein? If not, then it is definitely worth a visit!

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